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公司占地面积85000多平方米,员工580余人,其中工程技术人员110人。各种机械加工检测设备250余台。集团公司通过IS09001:2000的二次质量体系认证,NACE标准、美国国家防腐工程师协会标准、 中国阀门,泵,磷肥,环保协会成员,中国石化物资装备公司资源市场成员厂,中国石油天然气集团炼化备品备件一级供应商网络成员,AAA级信用企业,自由进出口企业,上海市高新技术企业。公司下属有技术部、质检部、市场部等科室及通用阀车间、衬胶车间、衬氟车间、机械加工车间、装配车间、先进的CAD设计中心和不断改进内衬工艺措施在严禁的质量监督下不断推出新的高性能产品。
Shanghai Huatong Group Mingjing Antiseptic V alve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at the Jiangqiao Industrial Zone in Shanghai, which is a beautiful cosmopolis . Jiangqiao Industrial Zone is characterized by elegant environment and convenient transport. The group is a professional manufacturer that integrates study, design, development and sale of all kinds of common valves, a ntiseptic v alve and internally piloted valve . Its series of products are widely applied to such industries as petroleum , chemical engineering , metallurgy , electrical power , fertilizer , pharmacy , food, city construction and sewage treatment etc.
The company covers an area of over 85000 m 2 , and has total staff members of over 580, among which 110 staffs are engineers & technicians , as well as over 250 sets of machining and testing equipments in different types. The group company has been granted the approval of second quality system of the IS09001:2000 , the NACE standard, National Association of Corrosion Engineers (USA), member of China Environmental Protection Association of valve, pump, sulphuric acid and phosphate fertilizer , member factory of the resource market of China P etrochemistry Supplies Equipment Company, network member of the 1st grade supplier of the stock and spare parts for r efining and c hemicals of China Petroleum & N atural G as Group, the AAA-grade enterprise with good credit, import & export enterprise with more freedom and high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. In the company, there are section offices such as technical department , quality inspection department , marketing department and common valve workshop , line with rubber workshop , line with fluorine workshop , engineering workshop , fitting shop and advanced CAD design center. The company has also been constantly improving the inner lining techniques, which has, under strict quality supervision , made it a possibility for the continuous production of high-performance products.
By constantly improving the common valve series, the company has, at the same time, formed the valve products with resistance to corrosion medium , which are characterized by the line with rubber and the rubber fluorine series. Such products have greatly met the market in its demand for different acid and alkaline resistant valve as well as other valve with resistance to corrosion medium . The inner lining of such materials as BR, NR, CR, FER, RPP, PVD, PTFE and F46 in the valve body of all kinds of cast iron and carbon steel or in the inwall of pipe casting s can not only adapt to corrosion medium under different working condition s, but also can replace a great many rare and precious metal , which has, under the normal working conditions of valve, saved a large amount of funds for the users.
The enterprise spirit of “ Creation of excellent quality products and accomplishment of great undertaking of Mingjing ” , with the orientation of market , providing the numerous users with ideal and satisfactory service are both the eternal pursuit of the staffs of Mingjing, but all the more the sincere promise to the numerous users!
Address: Economic park of Fengxian district and Fengcheng district, Shanghai



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